The Project

The Champion House project “resumed” in 2021 after years of vacancy when I purchased the home in September 2021 – previous owners David and Andrea Cox did an incredible amount of work in past years including updating electrical and plumbing, shoring up the floor, while preserving historical features.

The goal of the project is to restore the mansion so that it can be enjoyed by future generations, with a few goals in mind – preserving its historic features, showcasing its unique construction, with the ultimate goal of venue space and Air BNB.

How do you afford to do such an exhaustive project? You move into it. In July 2022, my wife, my daughter, and I moved into Champion House, renting out our own house so that we can slowly work through the many dozens of projects.

Prior to July 2022, I used champion house as an office for about 6 months. In fall 2021, I got the 2 existing high pressure air conditioning systems running which cost 12.5 K – Just in time for Winter.

The Boiler – Part 1 – Complete – We got the 45 year old boiler working and we have heat!

Plaster – Room 1 – Complete

Plaster – Room 2 – Complete

The Bathroom Tile – Complete

The Dumbwaiter – In Progress

New Roof – Not Started

The Boiler – Part 2 – Get a new efficient one – Not Started

Specs and Dimensions

Hot and Cold Air

Bathroom Tile