Built in 1854

Champion House

Champion House is a historic Italianate mansion located in Belleville, Illinois, within the Old Belleville district, on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was built in 1854 by Patience Champion. Read More about the Champion Family


Champion House is located in the neighborhood of the Gustave Koerner House, where Abraham Lincoln spent a lot of time. In 1852, Lincon paid a visit to the Governor’s wife in the home behind Champion House on Abend Street.

The Project

The Champion House project started in Fall 2021, first with a few infrastructure repairs – Two High pressure Air Conditioners had to be retrofitted to get cold air going, just in time for winter.

Champion Blog

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Events and News

Oct 2022 – Champion House a part of the The Haunted Belleville Walking Tour. With a history of paranormal activity reported by previous residents, and that experienced by the current owners, Champ fit right in!

The Million Dollar Razzle Dazzle is the latest film project of Dan Steadman, a local filmmaker returned from Hollywood to his roots in the Midwest. Key scenes from the film were filmed at Champion House, largely in the attic.

Champion House – Photo Gallery